Chapter 10 – Arriving in Style

The chapter Arriving in Style in Doug Saunders book Arrival Cities (2016) portrays the necessity for governmental support in arrival cities. Saunders illustrates how government support can either allow arrival cities to grow organically as demonstrated in the example of Endcliffe Park, Toronto or become isolated and damage communities as experienced in Slotervaart, Amsterdam. The successful arrival city allows communities to grow, change and develop consistent with residents requirements. In doing so, it is encouraging the city to reflect on its own political, social and physical environment as demonstrated in the case studies represented in this chapter.

This chapter has been represented here through the analogy of the planned city vs the lived city.

Author: Josh

References: Sanders,D. (2010) Arrival City:Arriving in style

Helleman, G. (2015). CH 10: Arriving in style. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Jan. 2017].

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