As a studio we would like to give special thanks to all those who were so incredibly generous with their time during our visits to Mannheim and Offenbach. This information was invaluable to us as a studio to begin to understand and reveal the economic, cultural and social threads that make up the two cities.

2017/2018 Mannheim

5th Year Students
Jamie Griffiths
Emma Koch (MALA)
Juan Ruiz
Richard Rothwell
Thomas Wakelam

6th Year Students
Joshua Brookes
Cosmina-Daniela Caruntu
Shushu Cai
Ka Man Lee
John Pitsillades
Mark Stancombe
Holly Wilkinson (TRP)

Studio Lead:
John Sampson – SSoA and URBED

Contributors in Mannheim:
Lena Werner: Migrants for Cities
Tatjana Duerr: Stadt Mannheim
Prof. Stephan Krötsch: University of Kaiserslautern
Swetlana Hermann & Caroline Courbier: Klokke

Additional Input:
Eleana Brough: Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
Sarah Ernst: Architype
Edmund Harrision-Gray: Hawkins/Brown
Aidan Hoggard: SsoA
Satwinder Samra: SSoA
Celia Macedo: SSoA


2016/2017 Offenbach

5th Year Students
Chris Cooper
Josh Frend
Helen Galletti
Nigel Hassell
Nicolas Heppner
Cherry Poon

6th Year Students
John Bacon
Helen Berg
Adam Justice
Josh Molnar
Ashley Mountain
Hannah Pether
Jamie Reid

Studio Lead:
John Sampson – SSoA and URBED

Contributors in Offenbach:
Prof Kai Vockler – Professor of Urban Creativity and Urbanist, HfG Offenbach
Jan Schultz – bb22
Annika Grill – District Office Senefelder-Quartier
Marcus H. Schenk – Manager für Soziales und Kulturelles Offenbach
Tobias Kurtz  – Urban Planner, Offenbach
Luigi Masala – Integration officer, Offenbach City Council

Visiting Tutors
Eleanor Brough – Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
Sarah Ernst – Archetype
Edmund Harrison-Gray – Hawkins\Brown
Aidan Hoggard –  SSoA



Illustration by Nigel Hassel