Nicolas Heppner // Offenbach


Zollamt Creative Studios

The project looks at converting a customs holding facility, originally built in 1952, and turning it into a creative hub.

It is set within the recently designated creative district of Offenbach, Germany and would offer local artists and designers the space to work and collaborate whilst also seeking to integrate and retain talented migrants within the community through entrepreneur mentorship programs.

The proposal features a modular timber panelling system which allows artist studios and workspaces to be flexibly partitioned to accommodate especially the volatile growth of small businesses. A parametrically designed timber bridging structure is proposed between the existing buildings and would hold communal spaces such as an auditorium, a gallery, and an exhibition area.

Front at an angle edited170517ENTREPRENEUR PROCESS a3-1Building study A2 newMAIN SIDE NEW 11 NEW PINTERESTLONG SECTION main 1005 NEW PINTERESTCAFE AREA A3PINTERESTCatalogue NH 4AUDITORIUM NEW PINTERESTExhibtion room newppCNC workshopPINTERESTElevator view new PINTERESTCatalogue NH 1ARC554_CMA _2016_Heppner_Nicolas_2of2ARC554_CMA _2016_Heppner_Nicolas_1of2



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