A Tale of Two Cities

The Creative City; The Arrival City. These two sovereign economies of Offenbach have synergistic potential, yet, is it possible to bring them together? My proposal will be exploring this question with a focus on music, an international language that has historically embraced fusion with much success.

From conversations within Andre, a local music shop, I learn that despite a vibrant and varied music scene, Offenbach lacks practice and performance space as well as places for ideas, concepts, projects and people to coalesce. Taking a former mini shopping mall in the heart of Offenbach’s beige commercial centre I will look to change that, encouraging growth toward becoming The Creative Arrival City.

Unused Commercial Space

And with that, I’ll leave you with the euphonious tones of Offenbacher Kay-Ree, a Persian migrant with a penchant for soul and a voice to match:

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