Physical Characteristics of the Arrival City

The arrival city is a city within a city

By analysing select case studies, an investigation into the physical characteristics of the Arrival City sort to explore any consistent phases of development the arrival city may experience over time. Three select case studies were used in this investigation spanning the years between 1800-2000, these cities were Paris, Istanbul and Shenzhen.

Results from analysis of these case studies revealed that there were indeed shared commonalities, for example, initial development of the arrival city is based around intensification that seeks to use arriving populations to fill voids within the city before extended urbanisation and sprawl. We will use this investigation to further analyse how the concept of the Arrival City has evolved over time, whether there is one defined form of the Arrival City or many and which phase of development is most apt to Offenbach at present.

Author: Adam Justice, Nicholas Heppner, Helen Galletti

References: Sanders,D. (2010) Arrival City:Arriving in style